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Annonce Goooogle
Annonce Goooogle

If you are a radio professional and wish to broadcast RFI programmes, welcome to our secure site with our programme bank, specially designed for partner radio stations.

This is where you can download 20-minute programmes in French and English, ready for broadcast, along with a varied selection of music.

250 radio stations throughout the world are already using our service. They're downloading, FM-quality magazines free of charge along with their accompanying cue sheets and copyright.

Would you like to take out a free subscription, or modify or cancel your subscription? Rendez vous on

Have you forgotten your password? Are you encountering technical problems, or do you have criticism or suggestions to make? If so, contact us at the following address:

All your suggestions will receive the closest attention.

Our surface mail address:

Radio France Internationale

Service Médias Partenaires

104, avenue du Président-Kennedy

75016 Paris

Tel: 33 1 44 30 87 30


Monthly special

Bertrand Lavaine is producing a special "Desert 'sons" playlist !

Bertrand Lavaine is a journalist specialising in reggae and world music. He has been a regular contributor to RFI Musique for eleven years and is the author of 100 albums essentiels du reggae.

2011-11-07 11:16 TU

Music Production Dpt

Playlists of the month

Every month our music production department produces six music selection programmes for our partneer radio stations.

2011-11-07 13:03 TU

The Music Catalogue

2011-02-02 15:01 TU

The Feature Catalogue

2011-02-02 15:17 TU

RFI's "Unité de création" : Fabrice Revault, Madjid Miloudi, Stéphane Portier, Monica Fantini
(photo: RFI)

Three jingle packages for you !

All the jingle packages created for RFI's partner radio stations are available in English.

2008-10-06 08:58 TU

"Les instrus"

Sound, more sound, and still more !

2008-02-13 15:29 TU